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poker odds calculator
Calculatem Pro
From the makers of the hottest selling poker odds calculator comes
Calculatem Pro - the most powerful Texas Holdem odds calculator on
the market. Calculatem Pro has revolutionized the world of Texas Hold
em poker calculators with its superior features and precise
customization. It uses the latest technology and algorithms to instantly
calculate hand AND pot odds - bringing you the most accurate advice
in a sleek, easy-to-use interface. Calculatem Pro is a "must-have" for
any Texas Holdem poker player serious about winning at the tables!

Calculatem Pro Poker Hand Odds Calculator Software
Who uses Calculatem Pro?

As for the software, Calculatem Pro, I like it. I like that it gives me more options for
making decisions. You guys have really produced a top notch product. Keep up the good
Anne M.

Calculatem Pro is superb and very clever software. Really helps and highlights plays
which I wouldn't normally play. To be honest I am a tourney player rather than ring game.
Was just trying to earn the hands quickly on the cash tables so I can use Pro at my
favourite sites (Betfair & Eurobet)...seem to do really well there.
Thanks again,

I've been using
Calculatem for several months and Calculatem Pro for the past week or
so. I thought Calculatem was great, Pro is fantastic!
Mark S.

I really like
Calculatem Pro, i used texas calculatem, but the pot odds calculator really
Aram V.
poker odds calculator
Calculatem Pro
Download Calculatem Pro poker tracking software,
the worlds greatest poker odds calculator available
for online poker play. Track your online poker hand

Download Calculatem Pro Strategy Software
There’s an easier way to WIN MORE MONEY playing poker!

The simple truth about online poker today is that the players winning the most money are
not necessarily the most skilled - they are using an odds calculator to make better,
quicker decisions and steal your pots. Great poker tracking software for the avid player.

Regardless of how skilled YOU are, to stay one step ahead of the competition and win the
most money, you don't need just an odds calculator - you need the latest, most advanced
poker  odds calculator.

Calculatem Pro is just that – the most advanced
poker odds calculator you’ve ever seen.

Every player dreams of the day he’ll become a poker pro, but few ever achieve that
status.  Now you can have the advantage most pros have – they understand their odds of
winning in EVERY situation.

When you’re playing with
Calculatem Pro, you’ll have that advantage and INSTANTLY

- the Strength of Your Hand
- your Odds of Winning
- which Hands can Beat You
- your Odds of Drawing Out
- your Odds of Winning on the River (helps eliminate “Bad Beats”)
- your Pot Odds
- how to Strategically Bet each hand, and

You may never become a poker pro, but you can win money like a pro if you’re playing
Calculatem Pro!

It attaches easily to your online game and requires absolutely no manual inputs from you
during play.   Best of all...

IT’S FREE!  Just click this link to visit the
Calculatem Pro website and open a new
account to get your free license.

If you’re serious about winning money at poker, this is the BEST CALL you’ll EVER make!
Calculatem Pro

"How To Take Advantage Of Bad Players"

The increase of poker popularity has led to a flood of fish who are just WAITING for you to take their money.


These fish are untalented, undisciplined, and lack the fundamental skills to succeed in Texas Holdem. These players think that since they have seen a few episodes of the World Poker Tour, they are poker pros.

If you want to make money playing Texas Holdem, you need to learn to take all the money from these novices before they give it to someone else.

There are many ways that you can bankrupt the bad players at your table. These methods are tested and proven and can give you an advantage over everyone else at the table.

These methods include...

1. Fake Weakness

It seems that everyone over-estimates their own poker ability. Bad players usually think they are one of the best players at any given table.

This false sense of ability will lead bad players to attempt to buy virtually EVERY pot.

This over-aggression makes weak players especially vulnerable to check-raises and slow playing good cards. When you have the nuts, DON'T lead out with a big bet (like you should against a good player), instead slow play the hand and let the novice try to buy the pot.

2. Destroy Their Game Plan

Usually a novice's plan will depend on his ability to bluff effectively. If you are able to remove a significant section of their stack, you will destroy their game plan and put yourself on the fast track to the chip lead.

3. Show No Respect For Weak Bets

A bad player will fear losing all their chips on a mediocre hand. This means they will often make small bets on the turn and river. Show ZERO respect for these bets. Making a large raise over these weak bets will often scare away bad players leaving you with the pot.

4. Face Bad Players "Heads Up"

Since good players and bad players require different strategies, try to force other players out of hand before clashing with a weak player.

Eliminating other players will reduce the amount of possibilities you have to consider. This will allow you to focus more on how to scare away weak players.

5. Always Have A Decent Hand

Even if you play your hand flawlessly, a bad player may call all your bets with nothing but an Ace high.

This is very frustrating, but very common. In fact, I know many poker professionals who will not play against novices because they are so difficult to bluff.

So, before you enter into a high-cost hand with a bad player, make sure that you have at least a decent hand and you are confident that they don't have anything better.

These are just a few of the quick, more simple ways to take advantage of bad poker players...

To become a serious SHARK, you need the right TOOLS to use at the poker room.

You need a program that gives you the CONSISTENT edge over your opponents... so that you can quickly "clean up" the competition-- any day, any night.

The software program you're looking for is called "Calculatem Pro". This amazing tool will help you win more money at online poker by giving you the exact odds and data you need as you play. It's the most sophisticated poker software online.

Best of all, Calculatem Pro is LEGAL in the casinos. And... IT'S FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Click here now to find out more.

Calculatem Pro online poker tracking
software will greatly improve your
online poker strategy. Win more
money playing poker with live poker
hand odds calculator and poker hand
tracking software Calculatem Pro.
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Calculatem Pro Poker
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Poker Tracking Software
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calculatem pro software
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