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Sit N' Go Shark
sit and go tournament strategy
Sit & Go Shark
Sit and Go Shark™ collects data on seven different variables or
what Roy Rounder calls "Critical Success Factors." Pot odds,
positioning, table momentum, stack size, and of course the player's
cards are all calculated as Sit and Go Shark™ provides precise
betting advice for Sit and Go games. As Shark evaluates the
situation in real-time, it searches through Roy Rounder's
comprehensive database of poker strategies to provide the player
with the right tip at the right time. It's like having a personal poker
coach and that coach is poker pro Roy Rounder.

Sit N Go Shark Poker Tracking Software
“The Fastest And Easiest Way To Make A KILLING At Online Poker Tournaments”

Everyone knows the surest way to make money at online poker is by WINNING TOURNAMENTS. The reason is
because you can win large multiples of your buy-in... 200%, 500%, 1000%, or even higher.

In this strategy article we'll discuss step-by-step exactly how I consistently make a "killing" at online poker by beating Sit
and Go tournaments. Read on to learn this amazingly simple method...

What Is A Sit And Go?
A Sit and Go is an online poker tournament. The name "Sit and Go" comes from the fact that these games are fast--
with a clear beginning and end. Each Sit and Go has a pre-determined number of players... so once the spots are
filled, the game starts.

Everyone in a Sit and Go must buy-in for the same amount of money and starts with the same number of chips.The
blinds gradually go up in "levels" or "stages" until one player is left standing.

The payouts are determined before the game and are displayed when you buy-in.

How Many Players Are In A Sit And Go?
Sit and Go's can have as many as 50 players or as few as 2. It really just depends on which casino you're playing at
and which type YOU CHOOSE.

A majority of Sit and Go's are single table games with 10 players. In a game like this, the top 3 finishers would place "in
the money". ("Single Table Tournament" is abbreviated STT.)

For instance, let's say you want to play a $10 Sit and Go. You buy-in for $10 and pay an "entry fee" to the casino--
probably a buck. All 10 players would start with the same number of chips-- let's say 800. The blinds would start low,
probably 5-10. As the game progresses, the blinds will keep increasing to force action. The buy-ins on a game like this
would total $100. That money would get split between the top three finishers. First place would be $50, second place
would get $30, and third place would get $20...

How Long Do Sit And Go's Last?
A 10-player Sit and Go will usually last between 30-60 minutes. Some casinos have "turbo" Sit and Go's where the
blinds go up faster. Turbo games finish more quickly.

A 2-player Sit and Go-- which is really just a "heads-up" match-- will often last a FEW MINUTES before ending.

There are also Sit and Go's with 5 players, 8 players, 20 players, 30 players, and so on. (A Sit and Go with more than
10 players will be played on more than one table. These are known as "Multi-Table Tournaments", abbreviated MTT.)

No limit Texas Holdem Sit and Go's are generally faster than limit Sit And Go's... because the ability to move "all-in"
gets things moving.

How Do Sit And Go's And Ring Games Differ?
The easiest way to understand the distinction is to understand that Sit and Go's are simply TOURNAMENTS. Ring
games are like "cash games". Here are some of the key differences:

* You can buy-in or leave anytime during a ring game, whereas you must enter the beginning of a Sit and Go to play.

* Sit and Go's have a clear start (when everyone is ready) and end (when only one player is left). Ring games are

* The blinds go up during Sit and Go's, so in the later stages you're forced to loosen your starting hand selection and
take risks. In ring games, the blinds stay the same.

* Winning a Sit and Go requires a completely different set of strategies and techniques than winning a ring game...

Why Sit And Go's Are So Popular?
Sit and Go's are HOT right now. I personally love to play Sit and Go's, because I can often make MORE money and
have MORE fun than in ring games.

Playing a ring game requires "grinding it out"...

Playing a Sit and Go is an exciting battle with ups and downs-- with a "do or die" feeling to it.

And here's the best part: When you learn how to master the STRATEGIES for Sit and Go's, you can amass a
FORTUNE in winnings! You can predictably and consistently log onto your computer and win tournament after
tournament after tournament...

Here's why: Since Sit and Go's pay the top finishers, you don't have to place first to always make money. You
obviously WANT to win first-- but it's not necessary for making a profit. I've developed a system of tactics where I shoot
for first, but "hedge my bets" to settle for 2nd or 3rd as a backup plan...

How To Consistently Beat Sit And Go's
Because of their unique structure, there are SPECIFIC strategies you need to beat Sit and Go's on a consistent basis.

It's taken me YEARS to "crack the code" on this and figure it all out. But now that I have, I can easily log onto my online
poker account and make money... just about every time.

It's a great feeling. And I want to share it with you.

That's why I developed
Sit And Go Shark.

The concept for Sit And Go Shark is actually very simple. This easy-to-install poker software is like having your very

That "coach", of course, is me.

When you use
Sit And Go Shark, the program shares several pieces of IMPORTANT ADVICE that you need to be
thinking about at the table-- everything from your cards to blinds to positioning to pot odds and more...

The advice-- which took me over 6 MONTHS to write!-- is drawn from a HUGE DATABASE of possible combinations
and factors. It runs alongside your table while you play, so it requires ZERO extra work from you.

I should also point out that online casinos don't mind if you use Sit And Go Shark. As you know, some software out
there is banned and dangerous to use... and I would never, ever recommend you to any of these software programs.
You can feel comfortable using anything I point you to.

Anyway, like I was saying, Sit And Go Shark is like having me sitting on your shoulder... telling you what to do each
step of the way... and teaching you how to handle the situation.

You'll get two main benefits from using it:

1. You'll win more (a LOT more) money simply by following the advice.

2. You'll learn more (a LOT more) about the game of Texas Holdem. You'll even do better at offline tournaments and
ring games, even though you won't have the tool in front of you.

Pretty cool, huh?

OK, so that's
Sit And Go Shark in a nutshell. To get started now and check out the website, just click the link below:

poker tournament odds calculator
Download Sit N Go Shark

SitNGo Shark is a great way to make it to the final
table in any sit and go tournament. Play more
aggressively with the help of the poker odds
calculator software live as you play. Sit & Go
shark poker tracking software will win you more
poker tournaments.

Sit & Go Shark
Are you tired of finishing out of the money in Sit & Go Tournaments?

Yeah?  Well, then you need to get Sit & Go Shark.  Sit & Go Shark is a poker odds calculator developed by poker pro
and author Roy Rounder.

Poker odds calculators, wildly helpful to players in the fast-paced online poker environment as they offer real-time
advice based on the strength of the player’s hand, are quickly becoming the norm in online Texas Holdem poker, but
Sit & Go Shark does more than just calculate your odds of winning.  

Sit & Go Shark is a one-of-a-kind poker tool, and its advice is based on Roy Rounder’s own proven approach to
online Texas Holdem poker.  It uses a complex mathematical algorithm to help the player determine the proper play in
every situation.  Shark instantly compiles data based on current table circumstances – considering everything from the
player’s cards to blinds to positioning to pot odds and much more on every single hand.  

Sit & Go Shark then digs deep into the massive database of Roy Rounder’s Texas Holdem poker rules to offer the
best advice for the player. And all of this dynamic poker advice displays right beside the table and in real-time.  So
while Shark works, the player plays.

Sit & Go Shark is the only online poker aid created specifically for the ever-popular Sit & Go tournaments, and it’s the
first one to tap into Roy Rounder’s own personal database of Texas Holdem poker strategies.

The best part is you can get
Sit & Go Shark for FREE just by opening a new account with one of their partner poker
rooms. Get
Sit & Go Shark now and finish in the money in every tournament!
poker tournament strategy software